First Prize:

The winner will bag Rs 21,000 along with certificate and a trophy.

Second Prize:

The winner will bag Rs 11,000 along with certificate and a trophy.

Third Prize:

The winner will bag Rs 5,100 along with certificate and a trophy.

Need help to support #Selfiewithdaughter !

The ‘Selfie with Daughter’ 

This campaign is also becoming popular in Nepal.

‘Selfie With Daughter’, a campaign primarily based on the goals of women empowerment and gender equality, was formally launched in Nepal. Initiated by Sunil Jaglan from Haryana of India, the campaign has won the hearts of many people and has also earned support, encouragement and commendation from the government level.



Nepal Internet Foundation

NIF (Nepal Internet Foundation) is a research and development forum that supports and perform technical and geographical researches in context of Nepal to build up the reach of internet and its objectives with in the country. NIF aids on providing the advantage and scope of the internet and it’s usages among people with implementation of data protection regulations and users privacy.


Host in Nepal.

The core values of the foundation sets on prioritization and implementation of better policies, cyber laws and importance of the internet towards society.


Along with the reach of opportunity towards internet usage and devices being connected to the internet services, there comes security challenges. What is considered secure today may not be tomorrow, NIF is concerned about the security of the devices and user privacy along with the IoT (Internet of Things).

Representer to Nepal

UN Expert Group Meeting