About Us

Nepal Internet Foundation (NIF) is a research and development forum that supports and performs technical and geographical researches in context of Nepal to build up Infrastructure and to the reach of Internet within the country. NIF has its main sets an objective to contributing towards the transformation of the society to overcome the challenges of digitalization in Nepal. The core values of the foundation sets on prioritization and implementation of better policies, cyber laws and importance of the internet towards society and its betterment. Our goal is to ensure that the use of internet shall be used with liberties in a secure environment, and ease accessibility easy accessibility, supported by the laws and constitution of Nepal. We envision a society where the people are empowered by the use of internet and each individual regardless of the country, location, language, age or income shall be able to communicate and collaborate with each other to improve their lives and community. The NIF supports the concepts and ideas to mitigate the gap that occurs towards content, research and technology in favor of internet & communication among people. The foundation works closely with individuals, communities, government, NGO’s, INGO’s and private sector to leverage the potential use of Internet and communication among us.

Along with the reach of opportunity towards Expansion of the Internet usage and more devices being connected to the Internet services everyday means, there are not only immense opportunities but also comes security challenges. What is considered secure today may not be secured tomorrow – in, that context, NIF is concerned about the security of the devices and user privacy along with the IoT (Internet of Things). Internet devices rely on the data and networks of various provenance which cannot be assumed safe automatically and is a top concern of the executives and it is imperative that technology providers, system adapters and users work together for the security of the data confidentiality, integrity and availability.

Despite the growth of Internet usage in Nepal in past years, access to the quality and safe Internet services are far from the reach of ordinary people especially from the remote areas of Nepal. It is apparent that there isn’t’ any organization which addresses full scope of challenges that are preventing all individuals from leveraging Internet as a tool for empowerment of the society. NIF aids on providing the advantage and scope of the Internet and it’s usage among people with implementation of data protection regulations and user privacy.

The internet and new technologies will continue to redefine the boundaries of law, data privacy and protection. Nepal Internet Foundation continuously analyzes these boundaries to ensure the reach of Internet and its usage function under proper regulations and supporting data regulation acts within the country.



To increase investment in Internet development in the Nepal, through building infrastructure, education, training, awareness, human capacity building, community development, research, related projects and activities.


To have a global, open, stable and secure Internet that is affordable and accessible to the entire Nepalese community..


Work together for communities.