Board of Directors

President: Mr. Bikram Shrestha
Digital Banking- Sanima Bank Ltd. 

Mr. Bikram Shrestha has more than twenty years of experience in the ICT industry. He established a startup ISP when he was just nineteen and has been dedicating himself to the community since then. Mr. Shrestha is the founding treasurer of the Internet Society Nepal. Currently, he holds the positions of President of Nepal Internet Foundation, Past President of ISOC Nepal, Co-Chair of Cooperation SIG of APNIC, Vice Chair of Nepal IGF, and Treasurer of Oshodhara Nepal.

Professionally, he is working as Head of Digital Banking at Sanima Bank Ltd. Mr. Shrestha is a well-known banking professional with extensive experience in managing and leading major functions like ICT and banking systems, as well as cards and e-banking systems, in leading commercial banks in Nepal. Mr. Shrestha has been contributing to the growth of the ICT sector in Nepal through various policy advocacy and capacity-building programs.

The first Nepal IGF and npSIG were successful programs that were conducted under his leadership. He has been closely working with various national, regional, and global organizations, including npNOG, NPiX, CAN Federation, Lions Club Cyber World, Nepal Jaycees, and the Nepal Government at the national level, as well as the Internet Society, APrIGF, APSIG, APRALO, APRICOT, ITU, UN, World Bank, ICANN, and IGF at the regional and global level. He has attended the fellowship programs at INET Sri Lanka and Global INET in Geneva, Switzerland. He was also an ICANN fellow and an alumni. He also served as a jury member for the national ICT Award for its inception and the mBillionth Award 2017, organized by the ICT Foundation and the Digital Empower Foundation India.

Mr. Shrestha energizes himself by engaging in music and traveling to new destinations. He has traveled to more than 50 countries. He has released two music albums as a singer and composer.

Director: Mr. Binay Bohara

Binay Bohra, Managing Director of Vianet Communications Pvt Ltd, is a Nepali Internet service provider (ISP) who connects people to the vast internet, quenching their thirst for information, knowledge, and entertainment. Bohra, who completed his higher studies in India in 1995, returned to Nepal and joined Mercantile Communications. His father, who made a significant contribution in the telecommunication sector, inspired him to become a computer engineer. Bohra and his friends founded Vianet Communications in 1999, offering high-speed Internet through fibre optics and cheap, reliable internet at a time when slow and costly dial-up and NTC's leased lines were the only options. The company has a robust network that connects offices and homes everywhere. Bohra, who aspired to become a scientist, has received support from his family, including his wife.

Internet Service Providers' Association of Nepal (ISPAN) formal President Bohra believes that the age of the Internet is crucial for our lives, providing educational materials, entertainment, and various activities. He plans to make the internet reliable and provide high-speed network facilities, while also competing with telecom operators. Despite the tough political environment, Bohara believes that nobody should stop working and admires. He believes that management philosophy varies from person to person and that there is no shortcut to success, and that self-belief and confidence are essential. He believes that success is multifaceted and cannot be measured by career success alone. Bohara believes that human resources are the most valuable asset for any organization, and that a team should be formed based on intellect rather than recommendations alone. He believes that working within the country is the biggest contribution to society and that working with one's own people is more important. Bohara wishes to diversify his operations and take more time for hobbies and interests.

Director- Mr. Gaurab Raj Upadhaya

Head of WW Video Delivery Strategy, Prime Video; Founder SANOG, NPIX; Experienced Infrastructure & Strategy Executive, Two decades+ of experience in ICT, Internet Architecture, IP Networks, CDNs, and ICT Policy, working in Least Developing Countries to Developed economics on small multi - protocol networks to globally distributed IP networks, leading or being part of teams operating a large network with backbone in all continents, including developing parts of the world.

Gaurab's primary interest is in Internet backbone operations, analysing peering/transit relationships between operators and roles of Internet Exchange Points in different parts of Asia. He also spends much of his time in training ISPs in developing countries about best practices on network operations. Gaurab also serves on the Board of APIA, Program Committee of APRICOT and Program Committee of APNIC meetings. He chairs the South Asian Network Operators Group (SANOG), and the APNIC Policy -SIG. He lived most of his life in Nepal, and setup the Nepal Internet Exchange.

Director: Mr. Rupesh Bhakta Shrestha

With a professional experience of 18years in various ranks, Rupesh has huge experience in low level to mid management and higher management. This has equipped him to understand the strategic planning and for ground execution. An Engineering graduate with MBA and having line of vision for technical solutions and financial implication to measure out cost benefit and P&L has been his forte. He has good knowledge and exposure in Internet industry in IT Networking groups like SANOG, NPIX, ISPAN, APRICOT etc. He started in BPO industry in 2005 with Nepal’s first Hi-technology call center with Nortel Passport and Meridian along with IPLC based connection to Los Angeles USA from Nepal. Rupesh headed the 300seater call center and managed to run it with sharp controlled eye on financials. He has managed various Inbound and outbound call center campaigns with great client satisfaction. He has lead a company doing outbound sales for website design and hosting, SEO, and ecommerce site design and development for US based small and medium businesses. While working in Philippines, he was mastermind for complete IT setup for companies that he worked for and their managed services clients in several sites. He was involved in many kind of solution provisioning for different clients in Philippines and Nepal. He prepared IT security documents for various companies and ensured strict compliance and adherence to those. His forte in budgeting and Business plan preparation adds up to his financial acumen. He also has lot of experiences in project management and trained in PMBOK by PMI.

Further to his career, he has lead a software company to develop various software products like Inventory management System, HRIS, Project Management Information System (PMIS), and LIMS etc. He has also successfully executed various consulting roles for IT setup, software development, Regional communication and village communication network setup.


Director- Mr. Amar Raj Bhandari

Mr. Amar Rajbhandari is currently the Head of Transaction Banking and Card Operations at GIBL, a position he has held since January 2019. He has been with Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited as the Head of the Card Department in Lazimpat, Kathmandu, since 2011. Prior to that, he worked at Laxmi Bank Limited as an officer in central operations from October 2006 to April 2010. He was President of Budhanilkantha JCI 2018. He holds an MBS in Management from Shanker Dev Campus, where he was involved in activities such as painting, football, and singing.

Director- Mr. Bhushan Ratna Bajracharya

Mr. Bhushan is a highly accomplished IT professional with over two decades of experience, currently serving as the Deputy General Manager of Banking and Financial Institutions at CAS Trading House in Nepal. Additionally, he holds a crucial role as an ADB consultant for Bhutan Development Bank in Bhutan. Throughout his career, Mr. Bhushan has been actively involved in various projects in Nepal aimed at strengthening IT infrastructure and refining procedural frameworks, including the World Bank's social security fund distribution project.

Prior to his current position, Mr. Bhushan dedicated 12 years of his career to the Bank of Kathmandu from 2004 to 2016, where he specialized in strategically leading information technology operations. His expertise lies in core banking system upgrades, migrations, seamless project execution, product delivery, and team building. Equipped with handhold training in CISA and other professional IT certifications, he remains steadfastly committed to staying at the forefront of industry standards.

Mr. Bhushan is renowned for his deep passion for learning and his keen interest in exploring various facets of IT, notably including cybersecurity. Actively engaged in leadership roles at Budhanilkantha Jaycees, member of Internet Society Nepal and as a founding executive member of the Internet Foundation Nepal, he brings a comprehensive skill set, academic foundation, and a strong commitment to community development to his endeavors.A

Highly accomplished IT professional with over two decades of comprehensive experience, currently holding the position of Deputy General Manager of Banking and Financial Institutions at CAS Trading House in Nepal. Simultaneously, serve as an ADB consultant for the Bhutan Development Bank in Bhutan.

Bajracharya has dedicated 12 years of his career to the Bank of Kathmandu, from 2004 to 2016, where he honed his expertise in strategically leading information technology operations. My focus lies in orchestrating core banking system upgrades, migrations, seamless project execution, product delivery, and fostering effective team dynamics.

Key Competencies:

Strategic Leadership: Proven ability to strategically lead IT operations, ensuring successful core banking system upgrades, migrations, and project execution.
Academic Qualification: Hold a Master's degree in Computer Science from Sikkim Manipal University, underscoring a strong academic foundation.
Professional Engagement: Concurrently serve as an ADB consultant at Bhutan Development Bank, contributing to the financial sector's technological advancements.

Career Highlights:

CAS Trading House (current): Deputy General Manager, overseeing IT operations for banking and financial institutions in Nepal.

Secretary- Miss. Lipasha Shrestha

Lipasha Shrestha, a dedicated hospital manager with seven years of experience in healthcare, is currently serving at the esteemed Gorkha Hospital in the western region of Nepal. She has a strong desire to improve society's well-being and technology's progress beyond my professional role.

Apart from my credentials, she proactively improves her abilities through involvement in various not-for-profit organizations. In her capacity as the general secretary of the Nepal Internet Foundation (NIF) and vice chair of the Youth Internet Governance Forum (YIGF) Nepal, she focuses on steering society toward digitalization while prioritizing environmental security.

Her commitment lies in fostering positive change and leveraging technology for societal benefit. She is looking forward to new opportunities for collaboration and growth.