Digital literacy program during celebrating
Digital literacy program during celebrating "Safer Internet Day"

The Cooperation SIG is a forum for discussion about broader Internet issues like Public Policy and Internet Governance, which are related to APNIC community interests, but which involve governments, other organizations, and other communities. The Secretariat will report to the SIG about APNIC’s outreach activities and seek advice and guidance on future activities. The SIG will act as a forum to develop and clarify the APNIC community's position on issues of relevance to the public sector, or on matters for which a community position has been sought.

A recent study commissioned by APNIC and LACNIC and published recently, provide new ways to understand the technical success of the Internet based in four dimensions: scalability, flexibility, adaptability and resilience. The Cooperation SIG session during APNIC 53 will provoke a conversation about how this study can be interpreted through the lens of three different initiatives: ISOC’s Internet Way of Networking (IWN), NewIP, and DNS4EU. The conversation will expand each of the dimensions of technical success and will reflect on different angles of the study.