Film by Shadows
Film by Shadows

To shed light on the pressing issue of human trafficking, Impulse NGO Network hosted a significant event in Kathmandu featuring the screening of the documentary film “From the Shadows.” The event aimed to raise awareness and stimulate action against human trafficking and exploitation. Students and teachers from Sunway College and St. Xavier’s actively participated in the event, joining hands with the organizers to address the critical issue of human trafficking.

The event commenced with a heartfelt welcome address by Simoli Gautam Desai, at Sunway College and Aakanchya Shrestha at St. Xavier’s College, Kathmandu. Following the welcome, Tatum Street, Project Manager at Impulse NGO Network, provided valuable insights into the organization’s work and mission.

Triparna Banerjee, Impact Producer at Filament Pictures, then took the stage to introduce the documentary. She highlighted the film’s significance in addressing the complex issues surrounding human trafficking. The screening of “From the Shadows” captivated the audience, offering a poignant portrayal of real-life stories and the challenges faced by victims of human trafficking.

A thought-provoking panel discussion ensued, featuring Mariam Chandy Menacherry, Lipasha Shrestha, Meena Sharma, and Tatum Street. The discussion delved into the themes presented in the film, offering deep insights and engaging dialogue on the multifaceted aspects of human trafficking.

Shining Light on Human Trafficking

Mr. Bikram Shrestha, President of the Nepal Internet Foundation, delivered the vote of thanks, expressing gratitude to all supporters and participants for their contributions towards combating human trafficking. He emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in creating awareness and driving positive change. Meena Sharma from the country partner Institute of Human Rights Communication, Nepal, highlighted that more awareness and work have to be initiated in Nepal.

The event concluded with a renewed commitment from the organizers and participants to continue the fight against human trafficking and to amplify the voices of those who often remain hidden “from the shadows.”