The Nepal Internet Foundation (NIF) President, Program Director, and team met with the Ward Chairpersons of Bhimphedi and Indrasarowar to strengthen the implementation of the Community Access to Information Society (RUCCESS) initiative. Key topics discussed included community engagement, customized solutions for local needs, sustainable operations, feedback mechanisms, monitoring and evaluation, digital literacy training programs, collaboration between local authorities, educational institutions, healthcare providers, and businesses, and celebrating achievements and milestones. Both ward Chairperson expressed their commitment to supporting the RUCCESS initiative and praised NIF's partnership. The collaborative effort promises to bridge the digital divide and transform these regions into digitally connected hubs of opportunity and growth.

With Ward Chairperson Mr. Jahar Singh Lama

With Rural Municipality Chairperson of Bhimphedi  Mr. Hardim Lama

With ward chairperson of Indrasarowar Mr. Suman Shrestha