Upcoming and Ongoing projects

Upcoming Projects.

1. Community Networks for Social Change (CNX). 

The Community Network Exchange event in Nepal is set to bring together community network practitioners and supporters to exchange ideas and empower marginalized communities. The conference, titled "Empowering Voices, Connecting Communities: Community Networks for Social Change," aims to explore the potential of community networks for social change in Nepal. This includes raising awareness, facilitating knowledge exchange, building capacity, fostering collaboration, and advocating for policy dialogue. The event will emphasize rural connectivity, last-mile accessibility, and services for indigenous, tribal, hilly, and mountain communities. It will showcase diverse community network stories, highlight the role of women, and involve telecom service providers and ISPs in extending connectivity. Additionally, the event plans to organize local-level exchange programs for engineers in various network technologies and support national-level gatherings. A consortium for sustainability in Nepal will also be formed. Furthermore, the event advocates for policy initiatives through briefing papers, policymakers' engagement, and discussions on sustainable business models.

2. Chepang Community Networks (Raksirang Rural Municipality).

The objective of this project is to create a community network for the Tibeto-Burman ethnic group in Nepal's impoverished communities. These communities rely on the forest for survival due to harsh climates, and most practice Hinduism with influences from Buddhism, Animism, and Christianity. The Raksirang Rural Municipality faces challenges including limited education, poor healthcare, financial issues, and poor road conditions. The Chepang community, in particular, struggles with internet access and traditional farming. The proposed Chepang Community Network initiative aims to address these issues by creating a comprehensive network that focuses on livelihoods, healthcare, education, agriculture, and communication. The goal is to accelerate development in wards 6 and 5 of Raksirang Rural Municipality and improve the quality of life for the Chepang community. This project includes establishing community learning centers, providing online education materials, skills development programs, and installing free WIFI. Additionally, the project aims to preserve and promote the Chepang traditional language and culture, provide healthcare access through telemedicine, offer agricultural information to farmers, and empower Chepang women through online skill development and entrepreneurship programs.

Ongoing projects. 

1. Digital Talk (Digital podcast)

 One notable initiative is the Digital Talk podcast, which aims to promote digital literacy, innovation, collaboration, and bridge the digital divide. It will cover topics such as digital inclusion and access to ICTs. The podcast intends to contribute to Nepal's digital transformation and extend the benefits of digital technologies to a wider population. The project will prioritize community needs and engage with stakeholders through consultations and surveys. Overall, the Digital Talk podcast and Digital Nepal Framework aim to increase access to digital technologies, promote digital literacy, and drive Nepal's digital transformation. https://www.youtube.com/@digitaltalknepal 

2. Eak Abhiyan (The Internet is for Children)

The Eak Abhiyan project aims to provide internet connectivity and enhance digital literacy for children in foster homes. Through art workshops and exhibitions, the project engages the community while improving access to educational resources and increasing digital literacy. It levels the playing field and equips children from diverse backgrounds with the necessary skills to succeed in a technology-driven world. The project's primary goal is to provide foster children with improved access to education and digital resources, empowering them for future opportunities. It also focuses on empowering local leaders to advocate for digital inclusion and fostering collaboration with stakeholders and policymakers. The project provides free internet connections to foster homes, reduces the educational gap, supports foster homes through art exhibitions, and establishes a revenue generation model for long-term sustainability. This collaborative effort ensures the project's success in supporting foster children in the community. https://www.facebook.com/EakAbhiyan